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Barcelona And Real Madrid Make La Liga Primera One of The Most Watched League in Europe

por Kayleigh Werfel (2019-09-16)

The constant duels between Barcelona and Real Madrid, in a wide range of competitions, from the domestic league, the Copa del Rey and The UEFA Champions League, the games disputed between these two teams, brought thrilling entertainment to fans and watchers from all over the world.

No wonder Spain is the current World and European Champion. The vast majority of players that are selected for the Spanish National Team are from Barcelona and Real Madrid. Victor Valdes, Gerard Pique, Carles Puyol, Xavi Hernandez, David Villa, Andres Iniesta from Barcelona, Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Xabi Alonso from Real Madrid are all key players for the Spanish National team, and the value of those players and the work and sacrifices they have made, brought them 2 international trophies, in the last 2 most important international tournaments, the 2008 European Championship and the 2010 World Cup.

In this season of the Liga Primera, Barcelona is clearly dominating this competition. With only one loss in the entire season, in the second round against Hercules, Barcelona is leading the table with 88 points, 8 points ahead rivals Real Madrid with only 5 rounds still left to be played. Against Real Madrid they got a memorable 5-0 win in the first game played at home in the 13'th round. Real Madrid tried to get their revenge at home, but they could only get a 1-1 draw, and that after Barcelona opening the score and Real Madrid running for the equalizer.

If the title is almost sure in Barcelona's stand, the other important trophy in the Spanish football, camisetas futbol originales baratas the Copa del Rey trophy went to Madrid. Very close game, with lots of opportunities from both teams. After 90 minutes it was 0-0, but it took only a slight error by Barcelona's defense to let Cristiano Ronaldo open to have a chance to the goal. He scored with a great head-kick and the trophy went to Madrid.

Real Madrid brought Jose Mourihno on the bench this year, and they thought that will be enough to win the Championship and the Champions League this year. Well it was not nearly enough and both competitions seem out of reach this year. It looks like they will have to settle with the Copa del Rey trophy and hope for better results next year.

They started well the championship with 12 games without defeat, but then the fatidic 13'th round came and they were demolished by Barcelona, 5-0. They tried to came back in the Championship, but they ended loosing more games as they should have, getting the loss number to 3, the last one at home, 3 rounds ago against Gijon.

They still hold the record for the most UEFA Champions League trophies won, 9 and they will hold it for some time to come, but this year the 10'th trophy seems to be out of reach. There is still one game left to be played, and they will travel to Barcelona next week in a show of courage. This club is noted for its ability to make the impossible possible. This is Real Madrid and with this spirit it will travel to the Camp Nou in an attempt to turn around a tie that many might consider hopeless.

With the end of the season fast approaching, both teams will try their best to achieve the goals they have still to play for, La Liga and the Champions League, high hopes for Barcelona to win both trophies, Real Madrid must start to believe in miracles.

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