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What does kit kit mean

por Samira Wise (2019-07-15)

New Ro Receives Planning AwardA kit is a collection of useful objects needed for whatever job you're doing. For example, an explorer's kit could contain a compass, water, matches for starting a campfire, and other things you might need in the wilderness.

If your wondering what a kit is, It is short for a kitten. Warriors use this word all the time.

What does the word kit mean as a collective noun?
The collective noun 'kit' is used for a kit of pigeons.

share: What does kit in texting lingo mean?
KIT means keep in touch

share: What does kit mean in text lingo?
"kit" means keep in touch.

share: What car brands sell kit cars?
By kit you mean night rider and kit was a 1988 fire bird so Pontiac.

share: What does it mean to kit out the apartment?
To furnish it

share: What does the name Kit mean?
The name kit, means that a kitten is under six moons, or months

share: What is in todays infantry soldiers kit?
I assume you mean kit as in "mess kit" not "kit" as in field gear. Soap Razor Rations Mess tin Eating utensils Canteen etc.

share: What does the phrase Put a full kit on mean?
A kit is your set of clothing or tools or whatever. Putting on your whole kit means outfitting yourself completely.

share: What is a mesh kit?
Do you mean mess kit? If you really meant mesh kit it is a lacrosse restringing kit. If you meant mess kit it is a collection of silverware and cookware used during camping and backpacking, as well as extended military campaigns.

share: Can you catch a Pokémon in Pokémon starter kit?
by starter kit do u mean starter pokemon? because then no!

share: What does KIT mean text?
Keep in touch!

share: What does the acronym KIT mean?
keep in touch

share: What does KIT mean in texting?
keep in touch

share: What does KIT mean?
It can be an abbreviation of Keep In Touch.

share: What does KIT mean in text?
Keep In touch

share: Does a 4 cycle engine need kit added to the gas?
I assume you mean oil and not kit. If that's the case then no.

share: What does kit mean in Naruto?
i think it means kid

share: What does kit mean in texting language?
keep in touch

share: What does kit mean on pixie hollow?
To like someone

share: What does KIT mean in a text message?
Keep In Touch!

share: Is the criss angel mindfreak ultimate magic kit fake?
No its not fake, its probrably the best kit you can ever get. i have it and i give it 3 thumbs up (if you have the kit you'll know what i mean)

share: What does The whole kit and caboodle mean?
It means "everything" Kit refers to a kit that carried tools, and caboodle meant property, or your stuff. Kit and caboodle simply means all your stuff, and the container you carry it in. Much the same as " you and the horse you rode in on "

share: What type of automatic transmission rebuild kit will you need for a 1997 GMC Sanoma?
u mean the gasket kit for the tranny ? 24236378

share: Can fire bellied toads eat dead crickets?
kit kit is so mean and my name is michael clay patterson. not michelle

share: What does the military acronym FAK mean?
First Aid Kit

share: What do you were? mean wear and secondly KIT KAT CRESCENT

share: Will body kit of a 1988 crx fit on a 1989 crx?
If by body kit you mean an aftermarket ground effects kit, then yes. But almost all brands of fiberglass body kits will require modification to fit.

share: What is a popular acronym for PDK?
There are a number of different meanings for the acronym PDK. It can mean Phi Delta Kappa, Process Design Kit, Portal Development Kit or PERL Development Kit, among other things.

share: What does kit mean on Club Penguin?
Kit on Club Penguin basically means "hit". Penguins say this in a hidden form so they wont get banned.

share: What does kit mean in internet slang?
K = keep, I= in, T = touch so in other words: KIT = keep in touch. I thought everyone knew that from yearbooks ... :)

share: What is the meaning of kit in an email?
According to the site below, it can mean "keep in touch."

share: What does Bel Aroma mean?
is the name of a home fragrance kit with soy candle.

share: What does it mean if you see two foxes?
It is probably a fox and its mate or a mother and her kit.

share: What does the texting term knk mean?
Knk means Kit n kaboodle

share: How do you messure water in an aquarium?
If you mean to test the water in your aquarium, you need a liquid test kit. We typically use a master kit which can test water for ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, and PH. API Master kit is what we use most often.

share: What is pus-kit?
A pus-kit is a girly freshen up kit for downtown

share: What is ghr on jewelry mean?
for the love of god buy a test kit. it is 10 kt gold

share: Who was the mother of whitekit who was taken away by a hawk?
Dont you mean snow kit? if you do, Speckletail was his mom

share: What was the biggest selling Lego kit ever?
The Millinium Falcon is like $500 if that's what you mean.

share: Is Kit Kat halal?
You mean 'have a break, have a kitkat'? Yes those are Halal and delicious