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Which animal is used as part of a sport in Spain

por Whitney Tepper (2019-07-15)

a bull

120114vernissagejungletigre.jpgWhat is the biggest native animal in Spain?
The largest land animal in Spain is the brown bear. Once, there used to be bison in Spain that were bigger but they are extinct now.

share: Why can't basketball be used as a characteristic for classifying that person as part of the animal kingdom?
Because basketball is a sport and is used as a noun or verb not an adjective therefore it cannot describe an object

share: Was Mexico a part of Spain?
It was a colony of Spain in the Americas, much as the United States used to be a colony of England.

share: What is Vic the capital of in Spain?
Vic is not the capital of any part of Spain. It is actually a made-up name that is not used for any part of that world and is not popularly used since it is made-up.

share: What part of the hair is used to tell if it's a human or animal hair?
The part that's attached to the human or animal

share: What part of the animal is used to make insulin?
The pancreas of the animal is used to make insulin.

share: What is the animal used by the Spaniards for fighting?
The bull. In Spain they have 'fights' between a man and a bull.

share: Was Arizona owned by Spain?
it used to be part of new Spain. other Spain-owned American states included Texas, New Mexico, California, parts of Oregon, Oklahoma, and Colorado

share: What sport is a rectus femoris used in?
all sports. A "rectus femoris" is a part of your body

share: What outdoor activities do people do in Spain?
People in Spain mostly do the outdoor activities as anyone else. Spaniards especially excel in soccer which is the main sport in the country. They also have what used to be very popular; Bull fighting.

share: What sort of part of the animal was used for oil in the prehistoric time?
The fat or blubber of an animal was rendered into oil.

share: What way animal glue adhesive used in construction?
There is no longer any animal part in modern glues.

share: Are the canary islands in the EEC?
The Canary Islands are part of Spain. Spain is a member of the European Union, which used be called the European Economic Community, or EEC.

share: What is the name of Spain money?
Spain is now part of the Euro, along with France, Belgium, and other European countries. The currency it used prior to this was the peso.

share: What currency is used in tenerife?
Due to Tenerife being a part of Spain, the currency is the Euro.

share: What animal that used to live in Spain is now extinct?
The Pyrenean Ibex has been extinct since the year 2000.

share: Can Playtex Sport tampons be used in water?
Any brand of tampon can be used in the water, you can also use menstrual cups, menstrual sponges, softcups, or diaphragms in the water too. Cups are a far safer option than tampons and menstrual cups are best for swimming as you can wear them even with light flow and they don't leak like tampons. If you are going to use tampons just make sure to use correct absorbency and time it so that you... Read More

share: What did the eastern woodland people wear?
they used every part of an animal they killed so they wore animal skins!

share: Why is a tiger an endangered animal?
Because people used to hunt them for sport. But now it is either because people are scared of them, or they are used in traditional eastern medicine.

share: What ethnicity is ther last name Puig?
Catalan. A language used in the Northeastern part of Spain.

share: What part of an animal does leather hide come from?
The whole skin or hide of an animal is tanned to produce leather. The skin or hide of any animal can be used for this purpose.

share: How do you repair the hood latch of a 97 Pontiac Trans Sport?
go to pisk a part and get a used one. If their is one there.

share: What part of the bison did the Native Americans consider useful?
All of it, they used every part of the bison. almost all of the animal-apex

share: Are there cells in leather?
Yes, because it used to be part of an animal but its only dead cells.

share: What part of speech is stuffed in stuffed animal?
In this case, the word stuffed is used as an adjective.

share: What sport is weight training used in?
Weight training is used in every sport to get stronger and Comprar Camisetas de fútbol develop athleticism. Weight training is an essential part of every athletes success. A good weight training program is what makes championship athletes and teams.

share: What is the sport with a long curved hand held throwing device used to through a ball at very fast speed?
its called Jai Alai pronounced 'hy aly' its from Basque which is in Spain/France.

share: Spain wants Britain to return this place?
Gibraltar (excuse me if I am spelling it wrong) It is a part of land on continental Spain that England ueses as an air base. It was mainly used during world war 2 to fight soldiers in Africa but for many years Spain would not let England fly plains over Spain to get to the base.

share: Is Costa Rica part of Mexico?
No. Both are independent countries, yet Costa Rica used to be part of Mexico until 1823 (two years after Mexico got its independence from Spain).

share: Can animal sacrifice be used as a part of a religious ceremony?
Yes. I know once a year during the pilgrimage to Mecca (Muslim holy land) animal sacrifices will be made.

share: How do The Cherokee Indian Tribe get their food?
I'm part Cherokee Indian . They use to kill animal and they used spears,and knives. They use to kill animal to wear as clothing.

share: What is Spain used for?
spain is used for people to live in it

share: How are baseball uniforms different than football uniforms?
Baseball uniforms are used for the sport of baseball and football uniforms are used for the sport of football. Football uniforms offer more protection from injuries since it is more of a contact sport. Baseball players wear hats for the most part rather than helmets like football players wear.

share: What water is used for in sport?
* Clorox water is used for the sport of swimming

share: Does a yoke on an animal direct the animal which direction to go?
It can, but for the most part a yoke is used to effectively use the animal's power to pull a load. It can also be used to join pairs of animals to pull together.

share: How did Spain become new Spain?
Spain did not "become" New Spain. New Spain used to refer to the American colonies as they were to be a reflection of "old" Spain.

share: What animal is used to play the game polo?
Horses are used in the sport of polo. Some countries also use camels & elephants. Sometimes they can even use ostriches I think not positive. Or is that another game?

share: What sport are furlongs used in?
The sport of horse racing.

share: Is Tenerife part of Spain or Africa?
Tenerife is part of Canary Islands and they belong to Spain. It is off the coast of Africa, but not part of Africa (not true!). Actually the Canary islands are geographically considered part of the African Atlas mountain range and therefore are considered part of the African continent. In fact you can see parts of Moroccos and Western Sahara from the eastern part of the Islands. In the same way that the U.K owns Bermuda... Read More

share: What is a parallelogram used for in sports?
not sure if any sport uses parallelograms but hockey (in the NHL that is) has a trapezoid shape behind the nets, which is part of the goalie's crease.

share: What material can be used to make hurling?
A hurley used in the Irish sport of Hurling, is made from the Ash tree. This is the origins of the term "The clash of the ash" when referring to the sport. A hurley used in the Irish sport of Hurling, is made from the Ash tree. This is the origins of the term "The clash of the ash" when referring to the sport. A hurley used in the Irish sport of Hurling, is made... Read More

share: What sport is a K2 Apache used for?
A K2 Apache is used for the sport of skiing.

share: What body part of a stingray is used to protect itself?
They're tails have barbs on them to stab animal. For example sharks.

share: What is the function of a whiskers which is a part of an animal body?
the e whiskers are used as sensors .it can use it to detect climate change.

share: Is the guitar from Mexico or Spain?
Neither. The first guitar instruments were originated in central Asia and India. However, they were later adopted by Europeans and among them there were Spanish guitarists. Later, when Spain colonized the Americas, the guitar became part of the many musical instruments used for local performances. New Spain (now Mexico) was one of the many colonies that "imported" such instruments from Spain.

share: What sport uses a wedge?
A wedge is used in the sport of golf.

share: What did Spain used to use as their currency?
Euro is the currency spain used to use!!

share: In what sport is the term half nelson used?
Wrestling is the sport where the term half-nelson is used.

share: What sport do you use a barbell for?
A barbell is used in the sport of professional weightlifting.

share: What sport are you playing if you use a quiver?
A quiver is used in the sport of archery.

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