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Things to See And do in Murcia Community of Spain

por Nina Varley (2019-07-07) is an autonomous community in Spain. Murcia city is the capital of the region and also the 7th largest city of Spain. It is bordered by andalusia, castilla la mancha valencian community and mediterranean sea. The total area of the commune is 11313 square kilometers. According to 2008 population census it has a population of 1470,069 inhabitants.

Geography and Climate

27% part of the region is located in hilly areas while 38% in semi mountainous region and rest is with flat lands and small plateaux. It has a mediterranean climate with mild winters (11 degree celsius) and warm summers (temperature may exceed 40 degree celsius). The record temperature rise was 46.1 degree celsius in July 4, 1994.


The carthaginians established a port on the coast of Cartagena that was depicted by Roman as Carthago Nova. Murcia doesn't exist during that era however the boundaries of the land lies in the Hispanic province Carthaginensis. It was Moors who founded the Murcia city and introduce irrigation system for agricultural production of the city.

After the fall of Umayyad caliphate of Cordoba, The Taifa of the city lost the control of the region and Kingdom of Murcia rise to its feet. Muslims were evicted from Spain during the rule of Alfonso X of Castile.


Tourism in the region is flourished because of many castle and cathedrals that history dates back to the Moor rule in this region of Spain. The best places to visit in Murcia includes

Murcia City

There are many places to see in the city. The city cathedral is worth visiting for catholic tourist and its architect also attract other tourists to the city. You can also visit the Plaza Camisetas De Fútbol Santo Domingo in Murcia. There are also museums including the famous Salzillo museum where people can discover the rare work of the great artist of the 18th century, Francisco Salzillo y Alcaraz. There are other places to see in the city such as Roman theatre, Santa Clara Monastery, San Juan church museum, Monteagudo Castle and several other destinations.


Cartagena is the second biggest city of the region. It is also known as a port of cultures due to its rich cultural inheritance and historic places. There are also many beautiful beaches, museums and cathedrals in the city. The main sights to see in the Cartagena city includes the Roman theatre, the city cathedral, City hall, Submarine museum and some beautiful beaches include El Portus public beach or Mediterranean Sea side.


Lorca is a town in Murcia community with a population of 92694 inhabitants. Lorca is famous for its many Mudejar castles including the famous Lorca Castle located in the town. It has houses a cathedral dated back from 13 century. There are also few beaches that people can visit during to tour to Lorca.


It is a holy city of catholic believers located near the left bank of River Argos. There are many monuments, museums and cathedrals in the town. There are also some natural heritage sites in the city including Las Fuentes del Marques palace, a great destination travel in Caravaca and it is now listed as a property of cultural interest..

Costa Calida

Costa Calida coastal side on Mediterranean is 250 km long with many serene beaches. The most popular beach at the costal side is the La Manga beach which is now declared as SPAMIs (Specially protected area of Mediterranean Importance). People can enjoy golf, horse riding, water sport, sun bathing and wind surfing on the several beaches at the Costa Calida side of the region.

Enjoy your tour to Murcia in Spain and share your dream travels with your friends and family.

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