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Behold the incredible, indestructible soccer ball

por Chanda Waugh (2019-06-26)

id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body"> Can Katie Couric deflate the indestructible soccer ball? Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET While most of us can simply head to the local sporting goods store to replace a damaged soccer ball, not everyone has that luxury. In some parts of the world hit by wars, poverty, and other harsh conditions, the shelf life for a typical ball is about an hour, leaving kids kicking around balls of trash or worse while trying to play the beautiful game.

After watching a 2006 news story about Darfur, Tim Jahnigen, a former lyricist and chef, had an idea to create a ball that could withstand harsh conditions in Darfur and elsewhere in the developing world. Together with some help from his friend and musician Sting, Jahnigen and his wife Lisa Tarver, launched the One World Futbol project with the mission to create an indestructible soccer ball.

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The ball is made of a plastic that's lighter and more flexible than rubber, and is similar to the material behind the Crocs line of products. It can withstand knife punctures, being run over by cars, and even being clawed at by a lion.

Like Toms shoes and several other charity-minded organizations, One World Futbol operates on a "buy one, give one" model where a $39.95 purchase gets a ball for yourself and one donated to a child in need. Or you can just buy them for children in need on the One World Futbol site.

Watch the video below in which Yahoo News anchor Katie Couric interviews Tim and Lisa and Comprar Camisetas de fútbol takes a stab (literally) at attempting to deflate the indestructi-ball.

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