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British police force tweeting every emergency call over 24 hours, ironically keeps getting TwitJailed

por Douglas Murillo (2019-06-19)

Polish_flag_3-1000x667.jpg-text c-gray-1" >The Greater Manchester Police team has decided to show the world how busy law enforcement can get by tweeting out every enquiry/emergency call it has to deal with. Only problem is that it keeps ending up in Twitter jail for posting too much. This one-day-only experiment (or is it a publicity stunt?) will detail every local call to 999 (the British 911) and the GMP's switchboard, uncovering such exciting episodes as "concern for welfare in Rusholme" and "report of threats and Camisetas De Arsenal Baratas abuse on Facebook in Salford" (we're not making this up). It's intended to illustrate to the public and politicians alike the real life daily grind that police officers go through; and we see their point, it must be hell setting up all those new accounts to avoid Twitter's own rule enforcers. Tsk tsk.