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8 Ways to Be Less Allergic to Dogs

por Crystle Schnieders (2019-04-05)

Are you one of those terribly unfortunate people who love dogs but have allergies? Maybe you love dogs, and do not have allergies to them, but your new boyfriend or girlfriend does and you would like to move in together. Or maybe a visiting relative has come who is allergic to dogs and animal porn you can not put your dog in boarding for a month. There are lots of things you can do so that someone with an allergy to dogs can live in the same house with a dog. Here are just a few ideas.

9.jpg1) Designate "No-Dog" Zones

Pick a few rooms of your house or apartment where your dog is no longer allowed to go. The best and first choice should be the allergic person's bedroom. Do whatever you have to do -- put up a baby gate, keep the door closed, whatever- to keep the dog out of the room at all times, even when the allergic person is not there. Giving your allergic guest (or partner) a dog-free room will help a lot with keeping their symptoms down. If possible, do keep the door closed and if you have central heat, or vents between rooms, block off the vents to the dog-free areas. Also designate "dog-free" seating so your allergic guest does not have to recline back into dog hair.

2) Get some HEPA air filters or air ionizers

These high-tech filters can pull pet dander out of the air and will reduce the overall amount of air-borne particles in the house. With fewer irritants, the less your allergic guest's nose will have to get inflamed about.

3) Get a HEPA vacuum cleaner - and vacuum a lot

There are vacuums made specifically for people with allergies. Get one. Use it at least twice a week. Change the filter as often as necessary. It will make a big difference.

4) Get rid of carpets and upholstery

This is an expensive request, but if you just can not live without your dog or your allergic partner, seriously consider having all carpets removed and replaced with tile. Carpets are sinks for pet dander, as is cloth upholstery. Switching to leather furniture will significantly reduce the pet dander in the house.

5) Wash both the person and the dog regularly

The person should wash their face and/or hands every time they touch the dog (a hassle, yes, but it is very effective). The dog should get a bath at least once a week. This can make all the difference, and if you're having someone over who is allergic to dogs, just washing the dog and doing a good vacuuming job before they arrive may be enough to minimize the reaction. If not, one Benadryl will reduce or block the allergy symptoms, though you may have a sleepy guest.

6) Try products specifically made to reduce dog allergens

You can get wet-wipes called Allerpet D for Dogs that will significantly reduce the allergens given off. The results are temporary, but they will work for an overnight guest. There are also sprays you can buy that purportedly deactivate pet allergens.

7) Reduce clutter

If you have fewer things in your house, there are fewer places for dog allergens to accumulate.

8) Air out the house

If it is a nice day out, and its not allergy season, definitely open up those windows, get a cross breeze going, and blow out all that dog dander.