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Natural Diamond Making Processes Of Eterneva Diamond Company

por Airton Carrara (2021-07-24)

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Eterneva is a firm which has actually introduced a new procedure that makes use of natural, personnels to manufacture diamonds. The way in which diamonds are made is quite mechanical and as a result has specific limitations in it. It is thus far more better that diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory by the specialists using cutting-edge devices. For this, human resources can not be recruited who have the requisite skills in this specific area. Eterneva has actually come up with a novel option of making diamonds in the lab from human hair and ashes.

In this procedure, a diamond is implanted into a layer of human hair that is somewhat thicker than the original skin of the individual. The density is such that the thickness of the diamond is consistent all throughout the graft. The diamond is after that offered time to expand and after that it is taken out of the graft after about 6 months.

One of the significant benefits of this process is that it does not need any added tools. All that is needed is a basic diamond screen which can be operated by a jeweler. This gets rid of the need for the expensive rental of other tools. The Eterneva diamond science is in fact a 2 action process. The very first step is where the hair is removed from the client as well as grafted onto the surface of the diamond, and also the second step is the screening process where the diamonds are expanded after they are placed on the screen.

As mentioned earlier, one more major advantage of this process is that there is no need for any kind of specific to obtain involved. The procedure is performed in a laboratory and therefore does not call for any type of guidance or any type of intervention from a person. The diamonds are expanded in the same environment as the patient as well as hence do not have to worry about temperature variations. This factor makes the procedure extra effective than the other procedures of diamond manufacturing.

As pointed out previously, this procedure is also fast. It can develop diamonds in about 30 minutes time. Compared to various other approaches such as the irradiation approach or the laser therapy, this process is a much faster procedure. There is one negative aspect though and that is the price. It is pricey as well as although it is a really effective method to create diamonds, it is still fairly costly.

This procedure is fairly pricey since it calls for a minimum of 2 experts for the process. First, there is the one who will certainly create the diamonds and then there is the one who will place them on the screen. This is due to the technology included. A diamond needs to be placed on a display which is precisely placed on the surface of the diamond. Just a very proficient service technician can manage this delicate work.

It is essential to point out once again that this is an extremely intricate procedure. The diamonds need to be expanded closer with each other to make sure that they can be checked extremely carefully. With the aid of computer system modern technology and various clinical approaches, the precise form of each diamond is researched. As we can see, this is an extremely difficult procedure that is only feasible with the assistance of an equipment like the Eterneva diamond science lab.

An advantage to keep in mind concerning this procedure is that it only works when you are experiencing a licensed jeweler. Given that gemologists have actually undertaken considerable training, only they can perform this procedure. It has actually already been shown that it functions when done by qualified jewelers. It is necessary to pick a gemologist that is trusted as well as one that recognizes what he or she is doing. It is best to have somebody that has undertaken the process directly before deciding to get a diamond.


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