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Top 9 reasons to choose composite manhole cover

por Vickey Peralta (2018-09-19)

song chắn rác1.) Composite manhole covers are not worth the scrap and eliminate the risk of theft

Iron mills and metal sewers are being stolen daily. Thieves steal sewer gates to sell scrap that leads to the risk that cars, people or animals fall into the pit.

Composite manhole covers prevent theft of manholes as they have no scrap value. When the thief finds out that the manhole is not cast iron, they must move to the next town or source báo giá nắp hố ga bằng gang of scrap.

2. Composite manhole cover reduces weight = Reduces worker injury

Composite luggage compartments are lighter and easier to install for utility works.

The cover of a normal cast iron fog weighs between 100 and 200 pounds. Mud flaps and composite composite slats reduce weight from 63% to 85%!
3.) Good fixed composite manhole cover

Many manholes are pulled out due to the overloaded drainage system when storms, floods, and even truck tires can cause the lid to báo giá nắp gang hố ga fall out of place or be lost.
The iron cover or cast iron lid is usually held in place by the weight of the lid, even with a lock to prevent theft. Composite manhole cover or FRP cover is usually secured by a unique locking mechanism or toothed gears ensuring the lid is in the required position.

4.) Composite manhole cover can reduce the flow & infiltration in the drainage system

Compared with the iron manhole cover, the composite manhole cover recovers surface water but reduces the amount of water entering the sewer, reducing the load on the sewage treatment system, by adding additional manhole washers and other This plastic drain hose is very effective in eliminating the entry of surface water.

5.) Composite manholes are the ideal choice for corrosive environments

Waste water and sewage systems can be highly corroded. Composite composite lining covers and frames are the perfect choice for the most corrosive locations found in urban collection systems, sewers and industrial pre-treatment applications.

6. Composite manhole cover can reduce odor

Sewer collection and sewerage systems generate a great deal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) (typical rotten egg odor) and other odors.
Composite manhole covers are the ideal solution for residential and urban areas with odor-sensitive odors because of its odor control design. Many engineers and managers have been using composite lids in parks and amusement parks, commercial centers, high-density shopping, water parks, beaches, etc.

7) Non-conductive composite manhole cover

Cities are currently deploying underground power lines and signaling cables, and sewer lines and electrical utilities require drains and non-conductive rings. Composite drain hatch covers are well suited to these non-conductive drainage requirements. Manholes can also be manufactured and equipped with non-conductive glass ladders, platforms and balustrades.

8.) Composite composite lids allow radio signals to pass through

Traditional cast-iron manholes may block or interfere with the transmission of radio signals. When installing the antenna, it is sometimes necessary to drill the manhole cover when using a cast iron cover. Composite nắp ga composite lids allow radio frequency signals from AMR systems and remote systems to pass through with little or no interference.

9.) Composite manhole cover reduces costs and saves energy

Expenditure on maintenance of public works is increasing. So managers are looking for more creative ways to save money.

Reduced maintenance of manholes and manholes helps:
- Reduce fuel consumption and travel necessary to maintain the manhole cover system.
-Save on vehicle weight and fuel by not having to lift heavy metal lid. Three composite plastic manhole covers weigh less than one iron cap.
- Mills and synthetic quality covers generally last 30 years or more. Cast iron manhole systems generally require significant maintenance or replacement costs over the same 30-year period.