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How To Bet On Hockey

por Raul Ormond (2018-08-23)

Betting on hockey can be quite profitable once you have a better understanding of some key elements, and in this article, we are offering you some valuable tips which we hope are going to help you turn your bets into earnings.

First, you need to get familiarized with terms such as:

Puckline: Same as the point spread.

Moneyline: To place a wager on your favorite team to win. It works exactly the same as with any other sports, as if you place a bet on the favorite, you pay more to get less cash, and if you play the underdog, you bet less cash to make more.

Canadian Line: This one you won’t find it in any other sport. It is a combination of the puckline (also called goal spread) with the moneyline.

The NHL eliminated ties, and also came up with a new shootout format, which makes it easier to place bets, and now money lines are favorites amongst bettors, leaving spreads in second place.

Be aware of who will be the goalies on the match, as they are the most important players in the field. Most times you should rely on the team with a veteran goalie who has achieved some recent positive results, and others you need to check on how back-up goalies are doing, as they might end up performing surprisingly well when they are given the chance on the ice.

The factor of fine talent vs. strength is also of notice, as even though it is quite interesting to watch a team that is playing with finesse and making precise passes, it is well known that victories in hockey rely mostly on how good a team defends, therefore, it is wiser to put your money on the physically stronger team.

When a team has played several games on the road, they are mostly tired and not fully focused, which will clearly affect their performance in their next road game, and when this happens in hockey, teams tend to skip practices before games in order to allow their players to rest for next day’s games, and this certainly makes them vulnerable, and this gives bettors the chance of betting against such team.
Hockey is an great game to watch, and what can be better than to make some money on the side while in front of your screen. We hope the information presented here is going to help you to take better decisions when placing your wagers on this fabulous sport.

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