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They are the cult favourite vacuum cleaners most families wish to own

"Julia Neubauer" (2020-05-30)

They are the cult favourite vacuum cleaners most families wish to own.

shy_little_girl_with_her_mom-1000x667.jpAnd now for a fraction of the price, a toy vacuum cleaner, modelled after Dyson, has hit the market, retailing on Amazon for $120 (USD$90). 

The 'Cadson' Dyson Ball Vacuum which features suction that actually works, is sending parents into a frenzy just in time for Christmas present shopping.

The miniature battery-powered version has been inspired by Dyson's full-size upright vacuum models, which are normally priced between $599 to $799.

Not only does the children's mini vacuum offer hours of fun, but it also gets the thumbs up from parents who say their youngsters can now play with the toy and lend a hand at the same time.

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The Dyson Ball Vacuum (pictured), created by Casdon, is currently retailing on Amazon for USD$90 (AUD$120)

As well as being capable of hoovering up scraps of paper, the toy comes with colourful balls which can be seen spinning in a transparent cylinder, a dust drawer that can be emptied and a mild-sounding 'engine'.

'This Dyson Ball upright vacuum cleaner has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little helper will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills,' product information on Casdon's site reads.

Those who've bought the Dyson Ball Vacuum and left reviews on Amazon's site have said the cute toy is 'absolutely amazing'. 





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The miniature hoover, one based on an actual Dyson model, has working suction that's strong enough to vacuum up small pieces of paper

The toy even comes with a removable dust drawer, a touch that makes it seem even more realistic 

One woman, Kelsie said her toddler boy who's 'obsessed with vacuums and carpet cleaners', was given the toy for Christmas, a gift she said quickly became the only one he truly cared about. 

'He has been "vacuuming" for four days straight. When I vacuum, he follows along side me with it. It is a lot quieter than I expected,' she said.

'The sound doesn't get annoying. I love it! If it ever breaks, I'll buy him another.'

Parents who have given their child the toy and left reviews on Amazon's site have said it's 'absolutely amazing' 

Another, Carissa chimed in saying the vacuum has been a huge hit with her 'little helper' - a boy aged 18 months. 

'After only a minute of vacuuming, it picked up a decent amount of animal hair and crumbs. It also isn't bad on batteries,' she wrote.

'My son got this for Christmas, uses it several times every day, and tends to let it run even when he's done using it.'


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