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Lord Lucan's son RUBBISHES claims aristocrat is Buddhist in Australia

por Jonathon Carson (2020-04-04)

the-queen-is-captured-the-chess-game-is-Lord Lucan's only son today rubbished claims the British aristocrat has been discovered living as a Buddhist in Australia after 46 years and told MailOnline: ‘My father has been found many times over the years only to be wrong.'

George Bingham says he is 'very sceptical' about claims made by the son of his nanny Sandra Rivett, who was beaten to death in Lucan's basement in 1974.  

Mr Bingham, who became the 8th Earl of Lucan in 2016 after his father was officially declared dead, said he would not be urging Scotland Yard's cold case team to investigate Neil Berriman's claims made in the Daily Mirror today.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline from his London home, the current Lord Lucan said: 'Quite frankly I am very skeptical about this. I had seen the story and it does seem odd. It would not be the first time someone has made a mistake. My father has been found many times over the years only to be wrong.    

'To be honest this is all ancient history. It happened in 1974 and now it's 2020. I guess people will always go on looking and they are welcome to do so'.

He also revealed that he had a child on December 30, Charles, who will become the 9th Earl of Lucan when he dies, and is 'more worried' about his newborn son's poor judi live casino sleeping than reports his father is alive. 

He added that Met detectives had not been contact with him and he 'doesn't expect them to be'.  

George Bingham, the only son of the infamous British aristocrat Lord Lucan, pictured left with his wife, has dismissed claims made by Neil Berriman, whose mother Sandra Rivett was murdered by Lord Lucan, that the aristocrat is a Buddhist in Australia

The father-of-two would later find out he was Sandra Rivett's (pictured) son, and 12 years ago began searching for Lucan

Lord Richard John Bingham with his fiancee Veronica Duncan on the announcement of their engagement in 1963



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