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How many different sports are in the game Wii Sports by Nintendo

por Marquis Bitner (2020-04-03)

There are five different sports in the game Wii Sports. Those sports are tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing. This game was followed by the sequel Wii Sports Resort, which has twelve different sports games.

What are the major video game making companies?
EA sports EA sports EA sports Nintendo Sega Sony microsoft

Do you get Wii sports with Nintendo Wii in UK?
You will get wii sports with your Nintendo wii you do not get it as an extra game its a practise towards the wii consoles remote and nuchuck etc. however you get a preowned wii you may not get the wii sports with it.

What is the most famous video game?
Nintendo has sold 79.60 million copies of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is the most popular video game in history.

What is the most famous video game ever?
Nintendo has sold 79.60 million copies of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is the most popular video game in history.

What is the most famous video game in the world?
Nintendo has sold 79.60 million copies of Wii Sports. Wii Sports is the most popular video game in history.

What was the first game on the Wii?
The First Game on the Nintendo WII Gaming System Was : Wii Sports

Who invented the Wii sports game?
Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo invented Wii Sports, along with: Wii Sports RESORT, Wii Play, Legend of Zelda, Super Mario, Metroid, and Pikmin.

When did the Nintendo Wii came out?
the Nintendo wii came out November 27th 2006 along with wii sports the game

Will there be a new game that continues wii sports?
Nintendo has released a sequel to Wii Sports, titled Wii Sports Resort. There is currently no confirmed development on a another entry of Wii Sports, but Nintendo is working on other "Wii" titled games featuring Miis as playable characters. The most recent upcoming entry is Wii Party.

Do all Nintendo Wiis come with Wii sports?
yes, i think they all come with the wii sports game. mines did anyways. i think it's that they all do. if it says on the box that the game is included that i guess it is!

Will there be a cricket game for the Nintendo wii that isn't beach sports?
Yes. One has just come out

Can you play Wii Sports Club without a disc?
Yes, Wii Sports Club can be downloaded digitally from the Nintendo eShop. You will need to make in game purchases to play the modes

Mario sports mix is a good game?
its a very gud game. u shud by it cause its fun and thers lots of different sports. if u like sports then u shud like this

What is the most useful cheat website for Wii sports game on the Nintendo Wii?
go on ask cheats

What does THAS mean?
Tony Hawk's American Sk8land, an extrema sports video game for Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance.

Has Nintendo released a fencing game for the Wii?
Not yet, but next month Wii Sports Resort features swordplay.

Can you get a Nintendo Wii with a free game?
Yes buying the black or 25th anniversary wii will get you: Wii sports, Wii sports resort, New super Mario bros wii, wii motion plus.

When you buy a Nintendo Wii does it come with a Wii romote?
yes it does as well as a numchuck, sensor bar and wii sports game

What is the cheat code for NBA Live06?
What is the cheat code for nba live 06 on Nintendo game-cube na sports

What is the best sports game?
all sports are great so it depends on what u mean by what is the best sports game?

What football game is better motion sports or Kinect sports?
Kinect Sports!

What type of game is the video game Punchout?
Punchout is a Mike Tyson boxing game, of course in the sports genre, which was produced for the original Nintendo Entertainment System home gaming console.

Why is badminton popular?
because it is a really fun game! its different to other sports

Where can you get a new wii sports?
You Have to call Nintendo da # is on the back of some of the game cases it's $20 plus tax and shipping and hadling

What was the most popular video game ever made in America?
Wii Sports for the Nintendo Wii is the highest seller at 41.3 million copies. Rounding out the top 5 are Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Tetris, and Wii Sports Resort.

Different committee sports planning program?
Many schools have a sports committee planning program. Some different ideas that they come up with can be fundraiser events, game nights, tailgating parties, and dances.

What is the slogan for ea sports?
EA SPORTS to the game.

Is NHL 2K and 피나클 NHL is the same?
They are the same idea but they have different gameplay, graphics, etc. Personally, I like the EA Sports better than 2K Sports game.

What is the best video game maker ever?
Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo, creator of Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Donkey Kong, Star Fox, F-Zero, Geist, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Pikmin and many other games. He is basically the right arm of Nintendo, with the creator of Pokemon, Satoshi Tajiri, is the left arm of Nintendo.

What sports have a lot to do with sports?
Yes, because a sport is a game that you can play any where, or with hands, feet or mouth so yes sports have a lot to do with sports.

Why is shinty-hurling an unusual sport?
Shinty and Hurling are two different but related sports. They are stick and ball games which some people would find very loosely like hockey, though they are quite different to hockey. Shinty is played in Scotland and Hurling is played in Ireland. Occasionally players from the two sports play a game with each other which is a cross between the two sports, taking elements of both to form a hybrid game specifically so that the...

Which game is better sports championship or Raquet sports?
the nfl championship

What does ea sports intro say?
EA Sports it's in the game

Can you play sports on Kinect?
Yes, the game is called Kinect Sports.

What is EA sports?
EA Sports is a name used by the game developers from Electronic Arts to distribute games based on sports.

Is Wii sport resort better that Wii sport?
Well anyone could think different, but I would say wii sports resort because it has a more variety of game non like wii sports. Also it is more exercising than wii sports.

What sports originated in the Philippines?
It is basically hard to determine a sports that really originated from the Philippines because sports in the Philippines is the result of having been influenced by different cultures. But there are still lot of native sports out there that originated from the indegenouos minorities in the Philippines. One is the sepak takraw, a ball game. Also arnis, a form of martial arts.

Looking for a new Wii sports resort game plus 2 Wii motion?

What are the main game genres?
Puzzle, Shooter, Sports, Extreme Sports, Adventure, Action, Children's Puzzle, Children's, Action, Shooter, Racing, Adventure, Sports, Extreme Sports

Is EA sports games the same as 2k sports game?
No there not but they are quite similar.

Is there a sequel for Wii sports resort?
No, but it seems that Wii Sports Resort is the sequel to the original game that came with the Wii, Wii Sports.

Which is better 2k sports or ea sports?
EA Sports is better is so many ways graphics, game play , etc.

How many games in commonwealth game 2010?
21 different sports were contested at the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

What different type of video games are there?
Action game Action-adventure game Adventure game Role-playing game Simulation game Sports game Strategy game

How do you download slime sports?
Slime sports is an online computer game not one that you download. But, if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone there are apps for slime sports.

Who is the founder of sports massage?
The founder of Sports Massage therapy who brought the sports massage into Olympic game was Mr มิค ฮังเกอร์ ฟอร์ด

What is the importance of science in sports?
you can use your science knowledge in sports even to win a game.

What does ea sports do?
Ea is game developer Ea sports develops sport games.

What is the best game for the wii?
Smash bros brawl is good if you like lots of Nintendo games like Mario, fire emblem and star fox but if you like facing games or sports games then the madden 10 is a good sports game and grand theft auto is a good shooting game plus a good driving game. But I'm not sure if them make grand theft auto for the wii but they do for Sony systems.

What is sports officiating?
Sports officiating is when a sports official such as a baseball umpire or football referee calls the game and calls fouls, and penalties, and keeps the rules straight in appliance with the game so that the game being played is kept fair for everyone.

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