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Chantelle Houghton fails in bid to get ex Alex Reid sent to prison

por Josh Spitzer (2020-04-02)

2 months agoCelebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton and ex Alex Reid were today warned by a judge over their behaviour, as the reality star failed in a bid to commit her former partner to prison.

Miss Houghton tried to have the court act against Mr Reid for breaching an order by publishing a video online.

The court heard the clip was posted on Twitter, Instagram and a website, which infringed an order and saw it immediately taken down.

But the application was today dismissed by Justice Sir Anthony Hayden due to a technical flaw in the way the application was made.   

Chantelle Hougton, pictured left, and ex Alex Reid, pictured right, were told off by Justice Sir Anthony Hayden at the high court today

Mr Reid, the ex of model Katie Price, and represented at the hearing by Andrew Burr, appeared wearing a blue suit and grey tie at the Queen's Building of the High Court, where an application was made for Miss Houghton to appear behind a screen.

Instead, she appeared on a TV screen, sporting poker straight hair, wearing a military style jacket and white blouse, before moving out of view, to be heard but not seen by the court.





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Brendan Roche, representing Miss Houghton, sahabatpoker said: 'We are trying to stop inaccurate and abusive messages being sent out into the public which undermine my client.

'There are, in particular, many messages being published on Twitter, on Instagram, on the website which make allegations which were dismissed.'

Mr Justice Hayden ordered for the video not to be shared again and for it be destroyed. 

When asked by the judge not to put the video in the public domain, Mr Burr confirmed, on behalf of Mr Reid, 'without question'.