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The Consistently Improving Quality of Hindi Cartoon Shows

por Weldon Paget (2020-03-31)

While we are all accustomed with the mega-budget animated shows of the Hollywood, there is very less of what you can be proud from your own native cartoon industry. In contrast to the super extended roster of cartoon shows in the west, we are yet to create our own catalogue of cartoon shows that comprise of all genres - be it action, fantasy, Sci-Fi, comedy or musical. However, considering the quantity and quality of upcoming Hindi Cartoon shows, that glorious day doesn't seem too far when we will proudly stand next to (or even overtake) the overseas animated industries in terms of producing the most successful cartoon shows in the world.

This trend was set by the tremendously entertaining and resourceful 'Chhota Bheem'. The focus on rendering mythological stories to kids instead of the same stuff presented in the west, the idea was received to overwhelming reception both by the kids and the adult audience.

Providing a breath of fresh air amidst of the repetitive storytelling, Chhota Bheem garnered the respect of everyone and gave the Indians a superhero which was genuinely comparable (and far stronger) than Superman and Batman.

Now, after years of its success, more commendable cartoons are made in Hindi that embodies inventive storylines and state-of-the-art visual effects. Some of those cartoons are namely Tales of Panchatantra, Mooshak-GunGun, Plantimon, Bali - The Jungle Warrior and Bal Chanakya. While people are versed with Panchatantra stories, their visual representation is worth the watch. Taking into account that parents yearn for cartoon shows that are high on both entertainment and informative content; Panchatantra stories checks the list.

Next comes the cat and mouse chase show 'Mooshak-GunGun' that is aimed for the toddlers. Since small kids don't care about anything but entertainment quotient in cartoons; Mooshak-GunGun satisfies their desire. The show is downright simple and hilarious. The pyrotechnics of the mouse and Cat tickles their funny bone. Recalling just how successful was Cartoon Network's Tom and Jerry; Mooshak-GunGun is determined to gain more popularity.

Plantimon and Bali - The Jungle Warrior are epic fantasy shows that incorporate larger than life visuals and meticulously done animation. Centered on the Indian mythos of Chakras and 웹툰 무료 Vedas; the shows delineate the battle of good versus evil. The darker themes of the show are balanced by the adorable camaraderie of the protagonists and the comic elements imbued smartly amidst of the gobsmacking action.

Bal Chanakya is a cartoon show inspired from the Indian mythological legend, Chanakya. Representing the most intelligent man in the entire universe, the show renders multiple life lessons to kids that are highly inspirational. All these programs air on Maha Cartoon TV, the first free-to-air cartoon channel of India. Available for streaming both online and offline.

These Hindi Cartoon shows can be watched anytime, anywhere in HD quality.