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Latest National News - Trends Which Will Put Pedal to Metal

por Nicole Sepulveda (2020-03-17)

National news is an interesting topic for all of us Indians to go through. Online news channels or papers make it more interesting by adding controversial videos and snippets. 2017 has been a year of news, where Narendra Modi was in highlights for successful demonetization, on the other hand critics left no stone unturned to bring this initiation down. Even in the year 2018, the national news trends have not changed immensely, let's go through the top 3 news which had gone viral recently:

images-151106105601-lva1-app6891-thumbnaModi takes it on himself once again:

In India PM Narender Modi was considered as a youth icon considered among the best leaders in the world because of his relative work to reduce the level of the corruption in India. At the same time the "Flagship Firestar Diamond" Nirav Modi is registered under the bankruptcy of 12700 crores.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) authorities said the affirmed multi-crore scam by issuing a list of understanding (LOUs) and foreign letter of credit (FLCs) for sanction of loan. The loan was given to diamantine Nirav Modi and his Uncle Mehul Choksi's groups of firms kept amid Jindal's project.

Rajesh Jindal is posted as GM Credit at PNB's Head Office in New Delhi. He was heading the second biggest branch of the PNB when the act of issuing the Los without authorized cut off points proceeded. The five PNB authorities are arrested.
Sri Devi Passes and Leave her fans bewildered:

Sri Devi who crushed the male dominating film industry, 바카라사이트 with her exceptional talent received last rite service on Wednesday. Shree Devi was honoured with the state memorial service. Padma Shree recipient Shree Devi was the Bollywood diva who worked in more than 300 Bollywood movies from the age of 4. She started working as a child actor in the south Indian movies and then proved her metal in Indian Bollywood film industry.

Ace Player Leave No Stone Unturned to Succeed:

According to a recent news wrestler Amandeep Singh from Punjab has made it to WWE. He will be soon signing a training contract with WWE wherein he will be trained under ace wrestlers. He will be the third Indian to receive such training. There are ample of news which is telecasted on the online news channel which gets updated within a blink of second. To tune into such news, log-in to and get the insight of the things happening around the nation and across the globe.

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