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Tools For Spying Facebook - Ads How To Uncover Your Competitor's Strategies?

"Angie Auld" (2020-03-09)

What Facebook strategies your competitors are using has always been a secret. But now with the availability of different tools it is no more a challenge. Most of the brands spend a good chunk of their time in organic Facebook marketing, but ultimately, the one who pays becomes a winner.

63213115 070131 <strong>173357<\/strong>, 气质Over the years, organic reach experienced continuous decline that makes it daunting for 파워사다리 businesses to reach their audience (even if they are most engaged) and get their posts on the news feed.

Every marketer knows the benefits of checking what their competitors are up to. But not all of them know how to get started with the research. So, we have come up with an effective tip that you can consider to get insights of your competitors' strategies.

Search For Trends And Lifespan Of Ads
You might be an expert at designing ads or have created most engaging ads in the past, but a single format of ads can't be productive all the time. If you want to taste success in Facebook marketing, you need to practice A/B testing to find out which ad copy will work and which won't.

What type of ads copy are working for your competitor? What pieces of information do they stuff to make their ads appealing? How do they highlight product features? What's their ads format, i.e. videos, texts or, sliding images? All these questions have a high impact on your Facebook advertising strategies.

All you need to do is to pay attention to all these fields, and you will know the working procedure of your competitors soon.

Leverage The Benefits Of Facebook Marketing Tools
One of the straightforward proven ways to uncover your competitor's strategies is using a tool for spying on Facebook ads. At present market is flooded with a set of tools that can effectively keep a track on your competitor's activities and polish up your advertising skills. But you should choose the one that meets all the criteria set by you. Here is a list of leading tools for spying Facebook ads, Let's see them first:-


AdPlexity is all-in-one spying tool that allows you to monitor and get access to all promo materials comprising of ad copies, landing pages as well as banners. With the help of this, you can dive among the top social media network to derive valuable data from there.


PowerAdSpy is a Facebook-focused tool designed to see your competitor's Facebook ads. It's among the leading tools that provide accurate data for superior ads designing experience. You can evaluate its performance during the free trial period available over the site.


BigSpy makes it easier to search for ads based on specific keywords or categories. For instance, if you have an apparel business, you can search for the ads like "hoodies" or "Glowers" to see ads relevant to those outfits.

Though we have discussed about finding your competitor's strategies, it does not mean that you should copy the tips blindly. Take out time to research and recreate, if you aim to get a better response. And yes, research thoroughly and wisely.

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