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Why in Pokemon diamond when you save the game it saves but when you try to load your saved file it goes fatal? -

por Cassie New (2019-12-13)

ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on ok you have to save the game and reload the game-save reset and then load the saved game-after that close the game and put it on

Action replay code to have 2 saves in Pokemon diamond?
This is not possible, sorry.

How do you uncorrupt saved data on Pokemon Colosseum?
You can't do that, actually you can't do that on any game that saves. :)

How can you convert your Pokemon saves?
I had a crystal game where the saved files were ST1,ST2,etc. And i downloaded an emulator because i want to trade but here the saved files are SGM files. How can i convert my old files?

What can be saved on PS3?
Anything. It auto saves.

Is Chuck Norris saved?
Chuck Norris isn't saved. Nobody saves Chuck Norris.

Who saves Captain John Smith?
he was saved by me (Pocahontas.)!

Can you skip the credits on Pokemon diamond?
well i personally don't know but if it is like the other games and saves after you defeated the elite four then you could turn of the computer and restart it

Does the data saves in refog keylogger?
yes it saved in certain files.

How do you continue saved game in Pokemon emerald on cellphone?
If you are using gpsphone then you hit menu and choose save file. Next time you open gpsphone hit the saves tab and your save file will be shown and you can start from there

How do you delete a game and start new on Pokemon heart gold Pokemon?
you click on new game on the main screen get through the intro stuff and when it possible for you to save you save and then it will say warning there is a saved file do you want to save over it, hit yes and then it saves the new game.

Who saved Harry Potter?
Harry Potter is saved by many people. When he is a baby his mother died to save him. In the first book Hermione Granger stops him falling off his broom, a centaur saves him the Forbidden Forest and Dumbledore saves him from Quirrel.

Pokemon Diamond Action Replay DS codes?
The best and the codes that REALLY work fore Pokémon Diamond, and Pokemon Pearl are in this fabolus link: website When you go up to the right ande it should say ''Codes & Saves'' (Or something like that), then type in in the blank space the game you want, for example type in: Pokemon Diamond, then in plataform choose: Nintendo Ds;then a link should appear under Codes column,click there and there are the codes...

Does keeping cell phone off save money?
Yes, it does for when your phone is off, it saves electricity which was transferred to it by charging and when electricity is saved, money is saved too.

What is the verb form of save?
base form -- save third person singular -- saves past -- saved past participle -- saved present participle -- saving

If you reinstall sacred game will your saves still be there?
Yes, YOur saves will still be there because the saved Games folder stays in your registry, so if you reinstall, that folder will not be harmed.

How many stitches may will be saved?
Well, the stitch, if it is indeed in time, usually saves nine.

Who has the most career saves for the New York Yankees?
Mariano Rivera has saved the most games for the Yankees. Mariano's 550 saves are second most in baseball history.

Did Alex Rider save anyone?
Yes in first one he saved all british schoolchildren in 5 he saves all British children 6 he saves Washington DC 7 he saves famous people from man-made tsunami 8 he saves Africa 9 saves Secretary of state

How do you skip the credits on Pokemon diamond?
On the first time turn off your Game after it saves (Hall of Fame) also make sure you have done it after the Hall of Fame was shown. On any other time just press the START Button.

How do you copy Pokemon for Pokemon planium and pearl and diamond and firered and leafgreen?
actually, you can only clone in leafgreen and firered. trade the Pokemon you want to be cloned with one that you don't care about. next at the end of the trade, right before it saves, cut it off. (i mean right before). but only cut off the one that you want to clone. tested and works.

You bought Pokemon Battle Revolution and ive upraded your wii but when you insert the disc it says cannot read disc but it reads all your other game discswhat should you do?
You can bring it back to the place you bought it. If you have a saved file, you will still have it. It saves to the Wii, not the disc.

What New York Yankee had 46 saves in one season?
Mariano Rivera saved 50 games in 2001 and 53 games in 2004. Dave Righetti saved 46 games in 1986.

Who saved Katniss from cato?
Peeta saves katniss form being hit by a sword. In return he gets hit by it.

How do you copy items in Pokemon HeartGold?
You have a Pokemon hold them and then clone the Pokemon. (Put the Pokemon in the PokeWalker and turn the DS off before it saves)

Is there a action replay code for Pokemon pearl to have 999 of every item?
Yes go on and they might have it (go to saves and codes and do Pokemon pearl) Yes go on and they might have it (go to saves and codes and do Pokemon pearl)

What are some Pokemon saves for g.b.a on the computer post file or something?
GBA saves should have the extension .SAV

Where can you play Pokemon silver online and save?
werhe can you play pokemon silver online with saves

Is the word save a noun?
Yes, the word 'save' is both a noun (save, saves) and a verb (save, saves, saving, saved). The noun 'save' is a sports term for not allowing an opponent to score.

Where are assassin's creed brotherhood PC saves?
It auto Saves.. This happens when ever u see a white lookin diamond in the corner of the screeen.. above the mini map.

Is Mario good?
Yes he is. Mario saves Peach and Luigi so many times from Bowser and he saved entire galaxies

How many trees saved by recycling cardboard?
By recycling one small adverage cardboard box saves 5 trees

How do you get back your lost saved game on oblivion for PC?
go to documents go to my games go to oblivion go to saves

How is Ralph saved at the last possible moment?
A navel officer suddenly appears and saves Ralph along with all the others.

Who has the most saved goals in one hockey game?
Alex Darsow 108 documented saves Big lake, MN.

In a penalty shootout does a goal count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?
No it doesnt count as the kick has been taken and the goalkeeper has saved it

How do gram and grim treat max differently after he saves freak from tony d?
he didn't save freak freak saved him

What saves data in a computer after shutting down?
The hard drive saves all data on your computer and will stay saved after the computer shuts down. RAM will temporally store data but will be deleted after shut down.

Is there an episode in Pokemon in which Misty saves Ash from drowning?
Yes, but it is not an episode, it is the movie Pokemon 2000 (at the end)

What pokemon episode does may save drew?
in the episode where may saves drew i think its in the pokemon series

Exp share in Pokemon Diamond?
The Exp. share is a held item you can give any Pokemon. Basically you make a Pokemon hold it and it will gain half the experience of every battle as long as that Pokemon is in your party. For example: let's say that one of your Pokemon knocks out a wild Pokemon and gains 100 exp. points. The Pokemon that battled gets 50 of those points and the Pokemon holding the exp. share gets the...

How do you get tunebite music onto iTunes?
Tunebite re-records copy protected audio and saves it in a range of formats. Providing the saved material is in a format compatible with iTunes you can drag the saved files into the iTunes library.

Which two New York Yankees players recorded as many as 46 saves in one season?
Mariano Rivera saved 50 games in 2001 and also had 53 saves in 2004. Dave Righetti was the other Yankees player, recording 46 saves in 1986.

How many brewer players have saved 40 or more games in one season?
Although Danny Kolb & Derrick Turnbow were both close with 39 saves (in 2004 & 2005 respectively) as of the 2009 season only 1 player has 40 or 99게임 more saves in a season. Francisco Cordero saved 44 games for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007.

How do you download saves on to a ds?
The Nintendo DS has no memory-saving hard drive, and can therefore not have games or anything else saved directly to it

Who is Florida Marlins career leader in saves?
Robb Nen. Nen saved 108 games for the Marlins between 1994-1997.

What did Oskar Schindler's ring say?
"Whoever saved one life, saves a world entire". It is a quote from the Sanhedrin part of the Talmud.

Why does the lord of eagles save them?
The lord of the eagles saves Bilbo and the dwarves because Gandalf had saved his life when he had been injured by an arrow.

In a penalty shootout does it count if the goalkeeper saves in then goes in?
No it doesnt the goalkeeper saved then the kicks been taken so it doesnt count

How can you saves trees?
Trees can be saved by reducing the amount of paper and paper products we use. To do that we must recycle and buy recycled things.

Why did sonic save Amy in sonic CD?
Because that what Sonic does he saves people and since he saved amy amy has been his girlfriend.

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