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Is a video game like a ds game

por Julissa Crumley (2019-11-13)

Yes a DS game is a type of video game and somewhat fun. I have one myself and again a DS game is a video game.

How do you make a video game console like the ds and psp?
You have to be really smart with technology...

What does a Nintendo DS game card do?
A Nintendo DS game card contains all the information your system needs to be able to play the video game. It is what the Nintendo DS reads to be able to play the video game.

Is there a fruits basket video game for ds?
From my information there is not even a video game out for it.

What is the most popular video game for ds?
the most popular ds game is nintendogs

Is their any websites like bookfound but for video games?
I no a site that show all DS game

What do you use Nintendo DS for?
Nintendo Ds is like a gameboy kind of but much better. it is a video game and you can play with other people if the other person you want to play with has a DS and has the same game you can play with them. there are many games target has a lot of DS games

Is there a bakugan video game for wii or ds at game stop or the usa?
There will be 1 for wii and ds

Who is the manufacturer of DS video games?
DS video games are manufactured by Nintendo. There are many DS games to choose from and so there is a game to interest most anyone who is interested in video gaming.

Bakugan the video game?
Yes, there is a bakugan video game for Wii,PS2,PS3,XBox, and DS.

Mario 64 ds?
its a video game

Where can you buy sims 3 on ds?
Any good video games store like GAME games exchange or

What is the best video game for Nintendo DS?
Well, it depends on what you like. Many players prefer the game 'Pokemon Diamond', 'Pokemon Pearl', or 'Pokemon Platinum'.

Which is a better video game Digimon World ds or Digimon champanship?
I think it's digimon World DS, but I like them both. BTW, have you heard about Digimon World Dawn and Dusk?

Is a DS a computer?
No, it is a portable video game console

Is there a Bakugan video game for ds?
yes and it is awsome

Is there a Percy Jackson video game for the xbox?
no but there is for the ds

How do you get manion warios and ravenoid on bakugan ds game?
you need to buy the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Video Game from Toys R Us, or you download de Bakugan video game and use cheat in your Nintendo Ds.

What is the best Nintendo DS video game ever?
Any Pokemon game!

Is the Nintendo DS a video game console?
Yes, it is a portible game console.

What video game system has the most games available?
ds, ds lite and dsi systems

Where will you get a bakugan game for the ds?
any store with video games

Is there a Can-Am video game out?
yes, there is the DS i, and DSi XL

What is the most fun ds game?
Ooh! I cant resist when i see a question like this! The best video game for the Nintendo Ds Lite HAS to be Pokemon mystery dungeons blue rescue team!! try it! I think you are wrong. That game is not fun! I really like nintendogs, style savvy, pets nursery two, and sims games!

Will there be a Bakugan game?

When will the Percy Jackson video game come out?
The Percy Jackson video game was released on February 9th, 2010. The game was to be released only for Nintendo DS.

What DS video game was the most popular in 2012?
The most popular Nintendo DS video game was the Pokemon series, particularly Pokemon SoulSilver. This was on of the highest selling games all year on any console.

What system will Lightning Thief video game be on?
The Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief video game is out on the Nintendo DS & Nintendo DSi

What is the bachlor the video game on ds about?
Basically just like the tv show Chris Harrison is your host and you have to try to prevent your opponent from getting a rose.

How do you save the video game fossil fighters DS?
On fossil fighters you cant save your game

Which is the best video game console to buy?
Buy the Nintendo DS :)

Is there a FATE the video game for Nintendo DS?
No, Fate is only for PC.

What systems will The Lightning Thief video game be on?
I think Wii and DS

What is a r4ds?
R4DS is a device that will plug into a Nintendo DS system like a regular video game. The difference is that you can load any game you downloaded onto the R4DS to play like a real game. There are some additional features like playing music/movies and reading eBooks too.

Where do you get the clubpenguin stuffed animals and ds game?
The DS game The DS game is available at any store that sells Video games like DS games! It might not be available sometimes because clubpenguin is extremely popular! The Stuffed Animals The stuffed animals are Puffles, and Limited Edition Penguins! They are not easy to find in stores! But most of them are available online! Go to this website to look at the toys and Games - website

How can i fix my Game Boy sp?
Send it to a video game store and see if they can. If not just buy a DS.

How old is Wario in a video game Mario 64 DS?
Wario is 12 years old in that game.

Which video game console has the best quality games?
The DS is good, 골목게임 also the Game Cube and Wii.

Is there a Bakugan video game in the us?
there will be a bakugan video game for wii !!!!!!!!! :^) yay it also comes out for ps2 ps3 ds and x-box360 check it out on

What year was the ds made?
In 2004, Nintendo first introduced the DS. The DS then immediately became a very popular affordable hand held video game.

Is there going to be a Lightning Thief video game for Wii?
No, they will only have one for DS.

Will they make The Lightning Thief the video game on the Wii?
No, they will only have one for DS.

Is there a d gray man video game?
There's one for the DS and the ps2.

Guinness world record cheats the video game on Nintendo ds?
it is sweet!

Bakugan video game come out?
Yes it did it came out for Nintedo DS and the Wii.

Do they still have Phineas and Ferk the video game on DS?
yes it is you just have to find it!

Will they make a bakugan video game for the x box 360?
Probably not. Will probably be for the DS. UPDATE -- bakugan video game announced on IGN. website For DS, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360 and so on!

What is the next Star Wars video game going to be about?
The next Star wars video game is Star wars Battlefront Elite Force for Ds, PSP and ps2

Can you get the Tokyo mew mew video game for ds?
Yes, you can get Tokyo mew-mew DS games in English. This helps everyone enjoy Japanese video games. Google"Tokyo Mew-Mew Ds Games In English". That will bring up different web sites that sell or give you a preview of the game.

Where can i find a emulator for nintedo ds?
Sorry, but all video game roms are illegal unless you own the game.

Is 24 the video game available for Nintendo ds or ds lite?
If it has been released for the DS then you could play it on either. The systems are the same except for some additional features for the the ds lite.

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