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Frequently asked questions about online slots.

por Osores Re Foturna (2020-12-13)

Q. Why do you get free spins for some slots when you register at some online casinos, but not for others?

A. Some casinos advertise their most popular slots or new and as yet unknown slot machine games with free spins that new players receive as part of the welcome package.

Q. Should I start with high stakes right away?

A. We recommend free slots to play for fun and choosing the lowest possible entry stakes and always activating all win lines. The effective stake is calculated from the amount of credits used, multiplied by the number of paylines. The more paylines you choose, the higher the chances of winning.

Q. Should I play in autoplay mode or manually?

A. If you like to have a slot running in the background, you will probably always choose the autoplay mode. The disadvantage: Usually, the "gamble" function is not available in this variant. If you win, the reels continue to spin after a short break and take the win with you.

Q. What are the chances of being able to really clear away with the "Gamble" function?

A. Rather low. Anyone who loves the thrill of the all-or-nothing game, which opens after winning a reel by clicking on Gamble on some slots, will not be deterred by the ever-decreasing probability of winning. However, our experience has shown that after 2 or 3 successful doubles, there is hardly any realistic chance of winning again. Therefore, we recommend taking the win after the 2nd or 3rd correct card and returning to the reel game.

Q. Are you more likely to win on three or five reels?

A. The general and specific probability of winning does not depend on the number of reels. With free five reel slots and only five paylines, the symbols and lines meet statistically less often than three reels and 25 paylines. Therefore, one should rather concentrate on the paylines.

Q. How do offline and online slots differ?

A. Not at all now. The manufacturers of online slots nowadays also supply land-based casinos. The games are then in special housings, some of which are still very reminiscent of mechanical slot machines, but the same game software does its job.

Q. Can the online slots be tricked?

A. Not in a long time. Since only extremely secure and powerful software programs are used in online casinos and land-based casinos, it is practically no longer possible to manipulate the systems or cheat the casino operators. The casinos have special programs that immediately sound the alarm in unusual activities or above-average profits by individual players or groups of players.


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