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Can you trade a Pokemon from a Game Boy Pokemon game to a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game? -

por Chau Mustar (2020-03-15)

3 months agoNo.

Can you trade Pokemon from a ds to a Game Boy Advance?
you can not send pokemon from the ds to the game boy advance but you can send pokemon from the game boy advance to the ds

How do you trade red Pokemon on Game Boy color to green Pokemon on Game Boy Advance?
You can't trade Pokemon between GameBoy Color and GameBoy Advance. Sorry.

Is it possible to trade Pokémon's from a gamecube-game on the wii console to a Pokemon DS game?
First you have to trade Pokemon to your gameboy advance.Then you trade is from your gameboy advance to your ds game.Then yourds game to your wii. First you have to trade Pokemon to your gameboy advance.Then you trade is from your gameboy advance to your ds game.Then yourds game to your wii.

Trade Pokemon from ds to Game Boy?
You cant trade Pokemon from ds to gameboy but you can migrate Pokemon from a gamepak(advance game) to a ds. -PokemonHockey909

Can you trade from Pokemon Yellow to Pokemon FireRed?
No, since Pokémon Yellow is on the Game Boy Color, and Pokémon Fire Red is on the Game Boy Advance, it is not possible to trade between these games. The Game Boy Color is not compatible with the Game Boy Advance.

Can you trade Pokemon from Game Boy to Game Boy advance?
no i tried it wont work =(

Why can't you trade from Pokemon Red to crystal?
Because you can't trade from game boy color to Game boy ADVance

Who can trade me any of the first three generation starter Pokemon?
no one.get a gameboy , gameboy Pokemon game (red or blu not yellow), link cable, gameboy advance, gameboy advance Pokemon game(sapphire ruby or emerald)link both game boy sets wiv cable and trade the Pokemon u want over 2 game boy advance from gameboy. put advance game in the bottom of ur ds and go to the menu screen it will say sumthing about trading from the advance game so pick 6 Pokemon(it will show the...

How to trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?
you cant because leafgreen is an older game then Pokemon pearl plus its a gameboy advance game.

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy to a Game Boy Advance?
Gameboy Pokemon cannot be traded to Gameboy Advance Pokemon. Gameboy Advance games can trade with each other, however. For example, a Pokemon from Emerald Version can be traded to a Pokemon LeafGreen, and vice-versa. You can also migrate Gameboy Advance Pokemon via PalPark for the 4th Generation titles.

How do you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy Advance to a Game Boy sp?
you need to have a link cable to connect them.

Do you have to have a cable to trade Pokemon from game to game?
if its on game boy advance you will need a link cable you can get 1 from ebay... if its ds its wireless

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy colour and a Game Boy advance?
no because you need a psp and a emulatur to do that

How do you get all three starter Pokemon on Pokemon sapphire version for Game Boy Advance after you beat the game?
Without a GS/AR? Trade.

Can you trade Pokemon from Game Boy Advance to dsi?
no only with the ds lite

Can you trade between Pokemon firered or leafgreen and yellow red or blue versions?
No you cannot trade from Game Boy Color And Game boy Advance.

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy Advance with gold version and a Game Boy Advance with red version?
U can , only if u have a gbc not gba

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy Advance and a Game Boy Advance sp?
Yes u can just use the same connector that u would use trading from a game boy to game boy

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy colour and a Game Boy advance if you have to compatible games?
yes all you need is a gameboy color link cable and some Pokemon to trade.

Can you trade a Pokemon from a game-boy color game to a game-boy advance game?
No. Only Generation I (Red, Blue, Yellow) can trade with Generation II (Gold, Silver, Crystal). There is no way to trade beyond that.

How do you get a Entei in Pokemon diamond?
You need to either trade it from the GTS or transfer through the Pal Park from a Game Advance game.

How do you get all of the regies in Pokemon diamond?
You need to trade them from a Gamboy advance game where you can catch them.

Where do you get mew on Pokemon fire red for Game Boy advance?
You can't. You need to trade from Emerald.

How do you trade from Pokemon Colosseum to Pokemon Emerald If you have a Nintendo DS instead of Advance?
You can't. You need a Nintendo Gameboy Advance/SP and a Gamecube-->Gameboy Advance game-link cable

Can a Nintendo DSi trade Pokemon with a Game Boy advance?
No. The two systems can not connect to each other.

What you need to trade Pokemon between Game Boy Advance?
A Gameboy link cable or wireless adapter.

Can you catch Caterpie and Weedle in Pokemon pearl without the emerald game in the Game Boy Advance slot?
you cant unless you migrate from emerald or trade for it

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy advance SP and a Game Boy color?
as long as it has the correct port for the cable, and the games are of the same generation then you can

Can you trade Pokemon from a Game Boy advance sp to a Game Boy micro?
No, the Gameboy Micro does not have a port for the link cable, or GBA wireless adaptor.

How do you trade from silver to Pokemon LeafGreen?
Because regular silver is a game boy color game and leaf green is a game boy advance game, you cant. but if you mean soul silver, you must transfer to the sinnoh pal park then trade them over.

Does the Game Boy Advance play Pokemon FireRed?
Yes, Pokemon FireRed was made for the Game Boy Advance.

How do you trade Pokemon from the DS to Game Boy advance sp?
You can't. If you migrate Pokemon from the gameboy to the DS, it notes that "After any Pokemon are placed in your DS game, you cannot return ANY Pokemon to your GBA Game". I have tried to do it many different ways, but to no avail.

Do you trade Pokemon from the Game Boy advance to the GameCube?
You can trade, but you must have met the gamecube game's trading requirement. E.g Pokemon Box is 100 Pokemon in your Dex (for LG/FR) Pokemon Colosseum is National Dex/E4 for LG/FR and beaten Colo's main game, same requirement for XD. RSE can more or 예스카지노 less trade straight as soon as the main game is completed in the gamecube game.

What is a Pokemon Silver version that is only for GBA?
There is no Pokemon Silver game that's exclusively for the Game Boy Advance. While you can play Pokemon Silver on a Game Boy Advance, it was released for the Game Boy.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Game Boy color to Game Boy advance?
I am 100% sure you can not transrer Pokemon from game boy color to your game boy advance. trust me you can not. I tried.

Can you trade Pokemon between a Game Boy Advance game played on a Nintendo DS and another Game Boy Advance game used on a regular Game Boy Advance with an attached Wireless Adaptor?
No, you cannot trade with a DS playing a Gameboy Advanced Pokémon Game with a Gameboy Advanced that has a Pokémon game in it that also has the Wireless Adapter attached to it. Gameboy Advanced Pokémon games can only be traded between Gameboy Advances.

How you can trade Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal?
In Pokemon crystal, a trade can be accomplished through the following steps. 1) Have two of any of the following: Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Color 2) Other than your Pokemon crystal, have a copy of any of the of the following: Pokemon Gold, Pokemon Silver, or Pokemon Crystal 3) Insert the games into their respective systems 4) Upon entering the game, go into the Pokemon center and head to the...

Would it be possible to transfer a Pokemon from Pokemon Yellow using a game boy advance to Pokemon LeafGreen using a Nintendo ds?
Sorry but it would be impossible because for one thing Leafgreen doesn't exist the same time pokemon yellow did so they would be too many years apart and a gameboy color game can't trade with an advance game what you need to do is own one copy of each game and trade to an advanced copy that you can trade with like if you can trade yellow with gold for example. then eventually you could...

On Pokemon crystal can you trade to Pokemon FireRed?
No, the Game Boy Color games are not compatible with the Gambe Boy Advance or Nintendo DS games.

Is it possible to trade Pokemon on one ds with a normal game and a GBA game?
You can migrate GBA Pokemon to a DS Pokemon game but you can't trade using the GBA game trying to trade with another GBA game.

How do you get 3 different starter Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire on Game Boy advance?
First of all are you saying the Pokemon from that region or the others? Any way, get a starter, and trade it to a friend. Restart the game, get a different starter, trade, start over do you get it? Then trust your friend so that he'll trade 'em back to you

Can you trade from Pokémon Colosseum to Pokémon XD?
Yes, but not directly. You need to transfer your Colosseum Pokemon to a Game Boy Advance game (Emerald, LeafGreen, etc.) with a GBA-Game Cube link cable and then transfer the Pokemon from the GBA game to XD with the same cable.

What game systems are Pokemon LeafGreen on?
Pokemon leaf green is a Nintendo Game Boy Advance game cartridge. This can be played on the following systems: Nintendo Game Boy Advance Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Nintendo Game Boy Advance Mini Nintendo DS Nintendo DSlite Nintendo Gamecube Gameboy player

Will Pokemon x and y come for game boy advance?
No, Pokemon X and Y are 3DS games, so there will be no version of them for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo is no longer making games for the Game Boy Advance.

Where can you get the Pokemon Sapphire for Game Boy color?
You can't. Pokemon Sapphire version and Pokemon Ruby version where released in 2003 for the Game Boy Advance , there not able to be played on the Game Boy Color, you could sell you're Game Boy Color and get a Game Boy Advance sense Game Boy Color games can as well be played on the Game boy Advance.

what is the top selling game for the game boy advance?
the pokemon games as a whole are the most popular games for the Game Boy Advance

Can you trade Pokemon to and from Game Boy advance games using ds?
plug in the game boy game and use the ds wire less thing to play aganst any 1 with another ds

Can you get Pokemon from your Game Boy color versions onto your Game Boy advance versions?
you have to beat the elite 4 10 times in game boy advance games and color games then u can trade NO YOU DONT you just have to use the cable link cord thingy

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon platanim?
Yes you can. If it is for game boy advance you have to use the trading cable.(can be found in video game stores) For PSP use wireless trading. For psp i am not quite sure. but i hope this helps

How do you trade between Game Boy Color and advance i get in to trade Pokemon but when it says where do you want to go it immediately takes me out?
You cannot trade Pokemon between Gameboy Advances and Gameboy Colors. It is impossible by regular means.

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