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Recommended Reading: The 15th anniversary of 'Halo 2'

por Mattie Milerum (2019-11-22)

-text c-gray-1" >When 'Halo 2' invaded planet earth
Anthony John Agnello,
The Ringer

3 months agoIn the latest installment of "things that 주식 will make you feel old," Halo 2 was released on November 9, 2004 -- which makes it 15 years old. The Ringer takes an in-depth look at the game's legacy, including how it made video games a shared experience and its lasting influence on things like streaming culture. Oh yeah, it was also the best-selling entertainment (not just gaming) release of all time when it debuted. Insane.

The dark psychology of social networks
Jonathan Haidt and Tobias Rose-Stockwell,
The Atlantic

Social media was supposed to connect us all. What the hell happened?

How the dumb design of a WWII plane led to the Macintosh
Cliff Kuang,

Confusing controls on the B-17 Flying Fotress led to hundreds of crashes. The changes developed by researchers would have influence far beyond the aerospace industry.

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