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BioWare may revamp 'Anthem' in a bid to save it

"Liza McMahan" (2019-11-21)

-text c-gray-1" >There's no question that BioWare has struggled with Anthem between bugs and basic mechanics, and has made significant gameplay changes in a bid to keep its shared world shooter alive. However, the developer might soon resort to more drastic measures. Kotaku sources say BioWare and EA are readying a revamp of the Destiny-like game nicknamed "Anthem 2.0" or "Anthem 유로FX Next." The rethink will "drastically" change basics like mission design, looting and even the world itself. The team spent a few months simply "tearing [Anthem] down" and spent more months rebuilding the title, one tipster said.

1547109670.pngJust how you'd get this rework isn't certain. The team is reportedly exploring a number of options, including releasing updates over time, an all-at-once release or even treating it as a brand new game. If there is a full-fledged re-release, though, you probably won't have to pay full price.

EA has declined to comment. This would be an unusual strategy for the publisher, though. It has a reputation for cutting its losses when a studio's game doesn't pan out, in some cases shutting down the studio altogether. This would be a vote of confidence in BioWare's ability to turn Anthem around make it match the hype -- or at least, give Destiny players something they'd enjoy in between seasonal events.

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