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What is the nickname of Liverpool

por Fern Dovey (2019-10-15)

Liverpool doesn't have a nickname. If you mean Liverpool Football Club, their nickname is 'The Reds'. If you mean people from Liverpool, they are nicknamed 'Scoucers'.

What is the Liverpool nickname?
A person from Liverpool is called a scouse or a scouser. Sometimes you will hear Liverpool called Scouseland.

share: What is the nickname for John Barnes ex Liverpool FC footballer?
John Barnes nickname is Digger, as in the Dallas character Digger Barnes.

share: What is a nickname for Christine?
Chris, Chrissie, or where I come from (Liverpool UK) Tina! how about cricket?

share: Why is Liverpool fc's kit red?
cos their nickname is "the red's" so it wouldn't match otherwise

share: What food is Liverpool famous for?
A meat and vegetable stew known variously as lobscaus, lobscous or simply scous. Hence the nickname for people from Liverpool "scousers" (skowcer approximates to the pronunciation). The dish is thought to have originated with Liverpool based merchant seamen. Though Norwegian seamen enjoy the same dish with same name. Everton, Liverpool's neighbour town and great football rival was famous in the UK for the production of boiled sugar sweets and caramels. Probably because of the West... Read More

share: How many places are called Liverpool?

share: Who are better Manchester United Arsenal Chelsea or Liverpool?
Liverpool! Liverpool! Liverpool!

share: What is the address of the Liverpool arena?
Liverpool arena is a soccer stadium in Liverpool. The address is King's Dock, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool. The entire sports complex is ACC Liverpool.

share: Where is the Liverpool football club located?
Liverpool. Liverpool Football Club, Anfield Road, Liverpool, L4 0TH

share: Were the beeatles from Liverpool?
Yes the Beatles were from Liverpool, they were called The Liverpool Boys.

share: How far is Liverpool from Scotland?
Liverpool to Glasgow is 219 miles. Liverpool to Gretna is 133 miles. Liverpool to Thurso is 483 miles. Liverpool to Lerwick is 573 miles.

share: Where do liverpool train?
in liverpool

share: Where is Liverpool hope university?
Liverpool Hope University is in Liverpool, England. Specifically, it is at the following address: Liverpool Hope University Hope Park, Liverpool, L16 9JD, England

share: How many Liverpool fans are there?
87 million Liverpool fans support Liverpool

share: Is Man U better than Liverpool?
Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better Man U are so Terribe They lost to Liverpool at home! Liverpool are better

share: Was Liverpool ever the capital of Wales?
No, Liverpool has never been the capital of Wales. In particular, Liverpool is not even in Wales. Liverpool is in England.

share: Where is the Liverpool Public Library in Liverpool located?
The address of the Liverpool Public Library is: 310 Tulip Street, Liverpool, 13088 4997

share: Is Merseyside in Liverpool?
No, Liverpool Is In Mersyside

share: Is there an airport in Liverpool?
Yes, Liverpool Airport is called Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

share: Who has the biggest fan base in Liverpool Liverpool or everton?
Liverpool has the biggest fan base

share: In which country is Liverpool Football Club?
Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

share: Which dish networks operate in Liverpool?
Dish Network is one company that operates nationwide. It would be the same company in Liverpool, New York, Liverpool Ohio, Liverpool, Illinios, or Liverpool, Texas.

share: Where is the university of Liverpool located at?
The University of Liverpool is located in Liverpool England at Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, Merseyside L69 3BX, United Kingdom. The University's main campus is in the Liverpool City Center.

share: Who won the carling cup Liverpool or Cardiff?
Liverpool has won Carling cup score of match was Liverpool 2-2 Cardiff and in penalties Liverpool won Liverpool 3-2 Cardiff

share: What influenced steven Gerrard?
Liverpool. he idoilised Liverpool when he was young he wanted to play 4 Liverpool now he plays 4 the club he support the club he a big Liverpool fan. so Liverpool influenced him

share: Where is the Liverpool Historian Museum in Liverpool New York located?
The address of the Liverpool Historian Museum is: 314 2Nd St, Liverpool, NY 13088

share: Which is furthest West Bristol or Liverpool?
Liverpool and Liverpool is a football team with Steven Gerard as Captain

share: Will chelsea win liverpool?
Yes Chelsea can knockdown liverpool. Liverpool is suffering from poor form.

share: Is there beaches in Liverpool?
There is no beaches in Liverpool but there's a great beach in Formby which isn't far from Liverpool.

share: Liverpool is on what sea?
Liverpool is on the estuary of the River Mersey which runs into Liverpool Bay and then the Irish Sea

share: Did mat busby captain Liverpool?
No he was not at Liverpool.

share: Who will win Liverpool or man you?

share: Is Wavertree in Liverpool?
Yes, Wavertree is in Liverpool.

share: Where did The Beatles start?
Liverpool, England Liverpool

share: Is Liverpool a City?
Liverpool is Football Club

share: When was Liverpool first made?
The first Liverpool as in the city was 1208 and Liverpool as in the football club was founded in 1892.

share: Where does Liverpool FC play their home games?
Liverpool F.C play their home games at Anfield, Liverpool.

share: When was Liverpool named?
Liverpool was named in the 1700-1800 because the Liverpool football club started in 1872

share: When is the last train from Liverpool Victoria to London?
There is no such station as Liverpool Victoria. Do you mean Liverpool Lime Street?

share: What is the best rated hotel in Liverpool?
The top rated hotel in Liverpool is Roscoe House by Urban Chic. There are other excellent hotels in Liverpool such as Bridge Street Liverpool One, Atlantic Tower by Thistle, camisetas futbol baratas Best Western Feathers Liverpool Hotel, and Radisson Blu Hotel Liverpool.

share: Is Manchester or London closer to Liverpool?
Manchester is closer to Liverpool than London . Manchester - Liverpool = 27 miles, or 44 KM . London to Liverpool ; 176 miles.

share: Where do Liverpool players live?
They can live anywhere! However depending on what club you play for (Liverpool) they are advised to stay in or close to the city. Mist Liverpool players live in Liverpool

share: What is Liverpool one in Liverpool?
Liverpool One is a shopping centre which includes restaurants and bars etc. It is in the centre of Liverpool and is a very popular place to go, it is more packed on a Saturday because that is the day that everyone prefers to shop on in Liverpool

share: Where was Phil Thompson born in Liverpool?
Just in Liverpool

share: Why were the beatles important to Liverpool?
The Beatles were born in Liverpool.

share: Where is the home ground Liverpool fc?
Anfield, Liverpool

share: Who is Liverpool fc's masscot?
Liverpool do not currently have a mascot

share: What is the term for a resident of Liverpool?
A resident of Liverpool is a Liverpuddlian.

share: Is jovanovic going to Liverpool?
Yes he will join Liverpool.

share: Where did blondin perform in Liverpool?
I do not think he played for Liverpool.

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