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Small World Cup Kingdoms

por Alanna Labelle (2019-10-13)

Words on August 31, 1997 unveiled serie a, because can't let in return to milan arrigo sacchi, roberto baggio move into the bologna, opening score, but team away defeat to Atlanta; BaDiSiTuDa a hat-trick, force help fiorentina win at udinese. The second round, bologna home purchase of ronaldo day price in international milan, even though baggio scored two goals, but DeYaoKaFu and ronaldo, goals, inter milan than two win four; HuBuNaEr a hat-trick, help brescia three at home than three 1-1 with sampdoria. The second round of nine war, roma and juve only a zero than zero, other 16 teams are scored one goal, a total of 33 goals.

The first two rounds of the only two teams two wins inter and fiorentina, incomes in the third round, ronaldo before the end of the first half from just two minutes into the second half, said sereni and BaDiSiTuDa will the bianconeri, but the 72 and 81 minutes, Murray jeroboam and all DeYaoKaFu next city, help inter milan than two out of three. Since then, the nerazzurri became the only of their team. Bill HuoFuMei a brace, and udinese home force cut AC milan, the rossoneri only two points in three games.
Inter milan round 5 points for the first time, a home draw by lazio, the visitors for the first record pavel nedved, ronaldo equalised building. Juventus by DaYinZaJi and alessandro del piero double sword &western. Home two for one's fiorentina; Barr and play a hat-trick, Rome at home than two stomp six Naples. This ZhanBa, roma and juve are two poor followed up inter milan. Round 7, roberto baggio scored three yuan, led the bologna than two victory over napoli five, seems to have no what can impede his goals steps, his only aim is to return to international football, to participate in the 1998 World Cup in France.

The sixth Italian Derby, alessandro del piero 87 minutes and winning the penalty, inter milan to fold a; AC milan by called George weah scored in the 72th minute, three at home than two force cut Rome. The seventh round interesting phenomena appear, respectively, with Juventus and piacenza's inzaghi brothers, all in their game scored 44 minutes, Juventus home two-nothing beat sampdoria, piacenza a 1-1 draw at home than a milan. AC milan in the eighth round the city in Derby, ronaldo and Murray and help inter milan twice lead, but called George weah and il metronomo equalised twice, help the rossoneri obtained a points. Next, AC milan away flat Barry, home 1-0 victory over after the lazio, unexpectedly zero than four defeat away to parma. The same period in the Juventus also underachievement: away flat udinese, away negative Rome, flat empoli at home, away negative bologna, home negative lazio and fiorentina away negative; From the eighth round round 13, defending champion had only six wars take two points.

With the rise of the premiership, in the 21 st century, serie a also began its way to decline, we this review of the golden age of serie a romance, but also choose at this time as over. And all the like of serie a friends, we sincerely hope that one day to see serie a brilliant, and also for the serie a worked as a Chinese fans to know and understand the enlightenment of European football. It was the golden age, left too many classic and Camisetas De LA LIGA Baratas fine, also is the wealth of our life.

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