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What is the best shooting PC game for the year 2008? -

"Denese Rupp" (2019-10-11)


Who is the best footballer of 2008 FIFA?
ronaldo was player of the year, but in the game, Buffon

The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?
The best football player of year 2008 by FIFA?

What are your 2011 game of the year awards?
this years best shooting game goes to BATTLEFIELD 3 best story goes to CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 3 the best online multiplayer game goes to BATTLEFIELD 3 best action game is BATMAN ARKAHM ASSYLUM best kids game is MARIO KART 7 best futuristic game goes to HALO REACH most popular DS/DSI/3DS game is POKEMON BLACK AND WHITE and last but not least the best game of 2011..... BATTLEFIELD 3

What is the best elk cartridge for 12 year old?
It depends on what one will be shooting at. For plinking, target shooting, or small game a .22 rimfire is called for. If you are going deer or medium sized game hunting a .243 Winchester, 6mm Remington, 260 Remington, or 7mm-08 Remington would be enough for killing deer, but not too brutal as far as recoil or 우리카지노 muzzel blast is concerned.

What new shooting games will come out in 2013?
Call of Duty will continue to keep coming out with new shooting games every year, switching from modern warfare to black ops. Borderlands 2 also got released and is a shooting game in which you can level your character.

Best player of the year 2008?
I think the best player of 2008 should be either Messi or Torres no one else

Was Minecraft the Game of the Year in 2011?
It won Best Indie Game of the Year Award, 2011. It was also the GameInformer's PC Game of the Year.

Which ps3 game got game of the year?
Kris Abel of CTV says the best game of the year is TRON: Evolution

Who was the best right back of 2008?
The best right back in the year 2008 was the Chelsea and English full back John terry.

What year was it when the shooting in Columbine?
The shooting happened on April 20, 1999.

What year was best for the gators?
Football: I liked the 2008 Gators. Tebows Junior year

Should a 11 year old boy be able to play Halo Reach?
yes i would recommend it as a shooting game because it not that bad and even a 10 year old can get it

What is the game of the year for 2012?
During the VGA awards the walking dead won game of the year along with best downloadable game.

What is 2008 best car?
Don't know if this is what you meant by best car, but 2008 Motor Trend Car of the Year Winner: Cadillac CTS.

What was the best year for the XBOX 360?
just guessing but . 2008 ..?

What should you get your 11 year old brothers for Christmas?
a shooting video game, a kids' dj set, or a remote control monster truck

What year did shooting became a olympic sport?
shooting started in 1950 when the badminton started

In which country the recent olympic game held and in which year?
Beijing, China 2008

What is the best Playstation game in the world?
final fantasy 7 it won best game of the year 4 times in a row i hate that game so much

In which year did India win its last olympic gold medal?
The 2008 Games in Beijing when Abhinav Bindra won gold in men's 10 meter air rifle shooting.

When is the next shooting star in the month of June?
There are 'shooting stars' or meteors every night of the year.

Who soccer the goal of the year 2008 in premier league?
The BBC Match of the Day Goal of the year 2008/09 was scored by Glen Johnson for Portsmouth during the league game against Hull on 22-Nov-2008.

What is the best player in pes 2008?
I personally feel that the best footballer fr the year 2008 was Lionel Messi of Barcelona and Argentina, and the second best footballer was Fernando Torres ofSpain and Liverpool.And not Christiano Ronaldo. I think the best footballer of pes 2008 is Van persie.

What is the best game for ten year olds?
Nintendo DS with the new Mario Brothers game

What is symbolized by shooting off fire crackers during the Chinese New Year?
Shooting of fire crackers on a Chinese New year brings good luck to your future and a blessed new year

What is the best horse in oblivion?
The best horse without the game of the year addition is the Black horse.

What are the records in high jump in the year 2008 for men?
The 2008 seasonal best belong to Andrey Silnov jumping 2.38 meters.

Is best of 5 applicable for ssc exam 2007?
No. Best of 5 was ot applicable for that exam. It started in year 2008.

Is best of 5 applicable for ssc board 2012?
Yes, best of 5 is applicable. This policy started in the year 2008.

What day in the 1960 the shooting star happen?
"Shooting stars" ("falling stars", "meteors") may be seen from any place on earth, on any night of the year when the sky is clear and dark, if one has the patience to watch and wait. The best answer to the question is: "Every day."

When is the Naruto game for ps3 coming out?
it is coming out in august 2008 or if dellayed maybe next year

What time does the Scoland -v- Italy game start?
stared in the year 2008

What was the best NFL record this year?
For the 2008 season, that was the Tennessee Titans at 13-3.

Who got the best parliamentarian of the year award 2008?
sushma swaraj sushma swaraj

Will Fallout 3 fail?
No, it is the best game ever. Ten bucks it wins Game of the Year 08!

What is the kinds of violence in HALO?
The game is rated M, there is some gore and blood, plus violence, because your shooting weapons and its a killing game. I recommend to people 13 and up. Maybe mature 11 and 12 year olds.

Who won the Oscar for Best Actor last year?
Sean Penn ("Milk") won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2008.

What is the Virginia Tech massacre?
The shooting there last year.

What was the video game of the year in 2008?
My Favorite is Super Smash Bros. Brawl cuz people fart

Is the subscription to the game informer magazine free?
no it cost about 12 dollars a year anyway its not the best game magazine

Who is the best female tennis player for the year 2008?
Maria! It could have been Martina or Nicole.

What the best Smackdown vs Raw?
2007 or 2008 then 2010 Every year it becomes better

Are shooting games appropriate for 11 year olds?
It depends what game. i was playing GTA when i was 4 or 5 and Call of duty when i was ten or younger. How ever, shooting games (like GTA IV and V) that have more adult content (strip clubs, swearing, etc) should be avoided

What year was the last game played at Yankee Stadium?
The last game played at Yankee Stadium was on September 21, 2008 against the Baltimore Orioles.

What year was the shooting that took place at Virginia Tech?
The Virginia Technical school shooting took place in the year 2007 in the month of April. It was a horrible tragedy for the students and faculity involved.

What video game won the 2010 best video game award?
I believe it was Red Dead Redemption for the Game of the Year. Hope this helped.

Who is crash bandicoot?
Crash bandicoot is a game character that had his first game in 1996.this year (2008), crash has a new game called 'crash:mind over mutant'.i dont know if he'll come back again in 2009! i hope he will!!! Crash bandicoot is a game character that had his first game in 1996.this year (2008), crash has a new game called 'crash:mind over mutant'.i dont know if he'll come back again in 2009! i hope he will!!!

Is World of Warcraft voted best PC game ever?
World of Warcraft (and its expansions) have been awarded numerous awards, including Best Game of the Year (multiple times), and Best MMORPG. As far as best game ever, that would probably be hard to say. You really can not vote a game the best ever as there are games coming out all the time and they could then be the best game ever, until another game comes out.

What is another name for shooting stars-?
Another name for a shooting star is a meteor. Meteor showers happen several times a year and sometimes show hundreds of shooting stars an hour.

What year was the last shooting star?
This year. Yesterday, in fact. No, today. if you go out tonight after midnight, lay on the ground and look up, there's a good chance that you will see a shooting star tonight. Meteors (shooting stars) hit the Earth by the thousands every day.

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